This  package will surely
complete  the   fun   on
Christmas   eve.    With
pasta  cooked  in  virgin
olive  oil,  soup,  and  a
choice  of  wine,  English
tea, juice and chocolates
to savor the taste of the
meal.  A  great package
to  enjoy on  the special
evening with your love
A goodies package the whole
family   could    enjoy.   The
package    includes     pasta,
crackers, drinks  and chips to
munch.   A  great   Christmas
and House warming gift.
A package full of goodies
consisting     of    chips,
pretzels, chocolates, and
candies   to   enjoy   and
munch on Christmas eve.
A basket full of gourmet
products as you prepare
a feast  for  friends  and
family on Christmas eve.
A   package   full    of   great
tasting breakfast goodies like
jam,  biscuits,  cookies,  and
chocolate  drink.  A wonderful
way to start the day!
Gourmet Gift Packages
On Christmas Eve
Snack Treat
Christmas Snack
Yuletide Feast
Breakfast Club
Something Sweet Gift Packages
An     Elegant    package
containing an assortment
of  chocolates,  complete
with a  bottle of wine and
a pair of wine glasses.

This would  truly  set the
mood  of  the  evening.
Chocolates and Wine
D'   Chocolate    Lovers
package!   A   delightful
mug   filled    with    an
assortment   of   mouth
watering chocolates. An
indulging gift for friends
and family.
Chocolate Passion
Hershey's    chocolate
lovers will surely enjoy
this package. Package
includes  bars, nuggets
and kisses in a variety
of flavors  placed  in a
wooden crate. A great  
gift  for Christmas and
other  occasions.
Hershey's Chocolates Galore
For the Lady Gift Packages
Bathroom Essentials
A fragrantly packaged 4-piece
painted ceramic bathroom set
complemented with a sponge.
A charming gift for the ladies.
Bathroom Accents
4-piece  ceramic collection of
a  soap  dish,  a  toothbrush
holder  with  cup and a lotion
dispenser. Added to that is a
body sponge and potpourri -
all  beautifully  arranged in a
reusable wall basket adorned
with   lace  and  ribbons !   A
charming    gift    for    any
Pamper Yourself
This is the package for the woman of the
millenium.  With all  the diversified tasks
women  have  these  days, she deserves
nothing less than pampering.

The  package  includes  a flavor scented
bath gel,  a  lufa,   a  soothing  scented
candle,  a   herbal   and   a  couple   of  
moisturizing soaps - all nicely contained
in a wooden crate.

Its  time to  sit  back,  relax and pamper
Debut / Wedding Decor
Balloon Bouquet
Lovely Balloon Topiary accented with
flowers and a box full of chocolates.

A great Balloon Centerpiece for the
event or as a gift.
Swirling Heart
Heart-shaped Foil Balloons
arranged in a swirl accented
with Gold and Silver ribbons
making a nice centerpiece.
Heart Sculpture
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