Bebe’s Balloons   is  proud  to be one of the leading and pioneer in the
balloons or party services industry in the Philippines.

Our  more  than  4
2 years  of   presence  in  the  business,   provides   us  
with  experience  and  knowledge   that  gives  us  the  edge  over  other  
balloon  and  party establishments.  We are the preferred choice of most
renowned companies for their Balloons  and Party requirements.

We  started  under  the   of  Bebe’s  Photo  Shop,   in  Boni  Avenue  
Mandaluyong City in 1977  offering  Photo and  Video Coverage  services.   
Tapping   on   the    balloon    business  prospect,   we   expanded    our  
services  to  balloons,  rental  of  chairs,  tables  and  other  party  units,
thus  emerged   Bebe’s  Photo  Shop  and   Party  Needs  in  year  1980.   
Due to  the  increase of  demands  and variety of  customer specifications  
relating  to the business,  in  1990   Bebe’s   Balloons  was   established.   
Our  major  customers  were   McDonald’s,  Jollibee, Goldilocks  and  other
restaurant   businesses,  supplying   their  parties  and   events  balloon  
needs.  Accordingly  branches in  
Makati, Pandacan, Quezon, Alabang, and
Vito Cruz
City were opened.

Presently, the original branch in  Boni Avenue, now  Bebe’s Balloons and
Photo Studio,  offers  Studio  Photography,  Photo Printing  and  Framing,  
aside from regular  party  needs  supplies  and  services.   We  pioneered  
the  concept of one-stop party needs and consequently  Balloon
city was
  in   1996.  Under  Bebe's Balloons,  our  partners  include   :   
allooncity,  Bebe's Pandacan,    MJ   Balloonland,   Balloonworld,  and   
Elpidama   General    Merchandise    and    Balloons.

Our   major   party   products   and   services   include :    Balloons   and  
Balloon  decoration   services  ;   Rental   of  party   and   events   units         
(tables,   chairs,  playground units,  inflatables,  tents,  and tablewares),  
Food Carts,  Photo  and Video,  Party and event entertainments (clowns,
magicians, host, face painting, puppet shows and mascot) and corporate
event needs (advertising balloons  - customized   printing   and   giant   
advertising  mooring).    We   accept   flower arrangements  and  flower
decorations.  We have been the choice for gift deliveries.

We   cover   services   from    Baptismal,  Children  and   Adult   Birthdays,  
Debut, Shower  Party,  Wedding  and   the  likes  for  personal  and  small  
occasions.  We provide services for both corporate and political events, like:
Election rally, Meeting  and  Conferences,   Anniversary,   Grand  Opening,   
Kick-off,  Trade Shows,   Graduation,   Reunion,    Parades,  and    Concert    
Show.  Our  business  clients  vary from  telecommunications,  technologies,
embassies,  schools,   supermarkets,   department   stores,  government   
establishments,    food   businesses,   event   organizers,    and    direct  
consumer  market.

Our    regular    attendance    to    International    conventions   ;  I B A C
(International Balloons  Art  Convention)  –   Las  Vegas,  Chicago  and  Los  
Angeles -  and  local trainings give us  well-recognition and expertise in the
industry.   We  are proud  to  claim  to  be  the only  balloons  and  party  
organization   that   can  deliver  voluminous  number  of  balloons on one
occasion at different venues in Greater  Metro   Manila  area.   This  is  a   
product   of  years  of   experience through  providing  services  to  well-
established  corporations  with  chain  of branches or franchises.  You will
see us in the Professional list of Qualatex website under Balloon City Manila.

Bebe’s  Balloons   and   our   partners    Ballooncity,   Bebe's Pandacan,
MJ   Balloonland,  Balloonworld  
and   Elpidama   General   
,    supported   by  years   of   experience   in   the  industry,
continue  to   strive  to  be the  leading company  in  the line of balloons and
party services.   Our   main  objective of building  good  and  lasting  
relationship  with  our  customers  by   providing  the   quality  products   
and  best  services  is  our working principle.

Bebe’s Balloons  is the home for Balloons and other Party Needs.
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710A Ballesteros Street, Mandaluyong City   Call us now ! +632 533-0591, +632 532-0076,  or  +632 533-4177
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